Beautifreak’s  6 MUST KNOW Beauty Tips for 2017!

Bold Liner, Blacker Than Black with a Coloured Underline! It’s the start of an edgy year and what better way to make a statement without saying a word? Opt for an accent of bright liner under the lower lash line for a daring finish to your new, longer and more defined lid liner. Be different. Be daring.

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Leave behind your tidy lipstick days and say hello to messy imperfection at the edge of your lipstick. Apply with most of your colour at the centre of your lips and allow the outline to blur. Trust us with this one, effortless swag. (NOTE: Better with lighter colours, pinks, reds)

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Loose waves are in! straightening your hair is so last year! Enter the cheeky but cute, loose wave. 2017 is all about going with the flow, your hair should speak for you in a tamed and tidy, individually styled S shaped lock.

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Happy Highlighting! This year, we take the glow of the top of your cheek bone, up a notch with strobe creams and glittery shimmers to add a hint of impact to your angelic little face. Don’t be afraid to shine but remember, less is more.

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Glitter Lips! Yes, you read right. A dab of glitter to finish of your gloss is exactly what this year calls for. Don’t forget to moisturize your pout beforehand and scrub down at least once a week, dry lips shouldn’t be exposed to such a serious sparkle.

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Long Hair, Don’t Care! It’s time to quit the short pixie look and opt for a longer hair style. Try natural oils on the roots at night and maintenance of the strands for speedy growth. 2017 calls for accentuated length, overtaking your shoulders and reaching out to mid spine, finish with doubled up chokers and a new outlook on the world and you’re good to go!

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