The Scary Truth About Sugar & Your Skin

Sugar is found in almost everything - a little bit here and a little bit there, sucking us in with its deliciousness only to realize that it's causing us more harm than good. It’s time to act against this seducing evil pleasure! Without mentioning the effects on the waistline, we dive into the dullness it is feeding your skin.

Quite literally, sugar causes skin to age. Sugar molecules in the bloodstream latch onto protein molecules resulting in a race to the ageing process. The scientific term is glycation - and believe me it’s no picnic. Protein fibers like collagen and elastin which help and support our skin to remain youthful and firm, become weaker as soon as sugar is taken in.

The ageing process just keeps on going, your proteins share the news with the adjacent strands who go on to tell the collagen arenas to break down and here we have it, sagging.

Apart from lowering your sugar intake to benefit your skin, your hormones and energy levels will thank you later.

Topical treatments also help such as the L'Oreal Anti-Ageing Revitalist Magic Blur Finishing Cream. It helps to stimulate skin's fibroplasts and synthesise new collagen. By helping to increase skin elasticity and smoothing out looser areas, without causing dryness, redness and inflammation like many others in the market - we love this product and give it a 10/10 for keeping its promise.

Reducing sugar intake immediately impact on the upper most layer of dead cells that usually help us protect against the elements that cause dullness, ageing and blemishes – skin is protected and overall repair and renewal is underway.

New healthy cells effectively take over and scare off the dead ones so your nasty chocolate habits needn't be visible to the world!

A few top tips to boost that glow while you’re at it, cleanse and use gentle (daily wash) exfoliant to rid your skin of the dirt it may have picked up, moisturize before going to sleep and be sure to use specific eye creams for around the eye area. Regular creams could be too harsh for this sensitive area. The skin types are different and the face can take a moisturizer for a thicker layer of skin whereas your eyes require a gentle ingredient found in chemical free eye serums and under eye creams. Night time is where the renewal happens, let it be. Get those eight hours or you will counteract everything you’ve just read about.

Now, say no to the sweets and extra-large spoonful of sugar in your morning coffee.

As a thank you for your new young look, you can tag #Beautifreak in all of your blemish free selfies.